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A powerhouse adaptogenic herbal chai — free of caffeine and any flavorings, fruits, or florals. The result of this year-long development process is simple in name only. This complex blend of twelve adaptogens is both amazingly delicious and fantastically grounding. Its aroma is honeyed and spicy. The flavor is refreshing, sweet and well-rounded, yet earthy. Its sweet peppery notes may remind you of a gingersnap cookie. There’s a slight smokiness coated with notes of maple syrup. The resulting infusion has tons of body and soothing throat-coating character. Most importantly, this adaptogenic herbal tea is formulated with the goal of helping you find your center, whatever the circumstances.

Center Me , Organic

PriceFrom $7.00
  • 1 TSP per 8 oz water

    212 F

    6-8 mins

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